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I'm glad I have piqued your interests to have brought you here. You may call me Melissa Davis. I'm a salacious seductress and erotic connoisseur. Originally a South Florida native who now calls New York City home. The perfect irresistible mix of surreal charm and beauty with a love for the fast paced lifestyle. I'm an all-American type, but come from a mixed race nationality with Indian and South American heritage. Out of discretion, I will not post my ethnic background. I like to think I am truly one of a kind since I haven't met anyone of the same mix as I am. I differentiate myself in that my cultural roots, ideological outlook and upbringing are rather unique compared to my surroundings.



I enjoy companionship and eroticism at it's fullest, and radiate positive energy. It's about meeting that special someone to fill the gaps we are missing in our lives, especially romantically. Seeking a genuine connection with solid people.

Something you should know about me is that I am discreet, respectful, and keep things hush hush. I'm the ultimate temptress and your best kept concupiscent secret. I always present myself in an urbane manner. Sophisticated, polished, yet alluring. My lascivious gestures and libidinous ways will lure you into carnal temptation. Let me stimulate your senses. Mind, body, and soul. It's about finding your weaknesses and succumbing to your desires. Just know that with me, you are my companion as well. I will spoil you with affection, and the only thing that matters during our time together is you and I. No interruptions or distractions.

Travel is a passion of mine. If you're looking for someone to get away with, you found the perfect playmate for a temporary disconnect from the world. I can go rogue with you on a wild excursion through nature or be lavishly pampered with a luxuriant spa day followed by a candlelit dinner. My look can go from girl next door to glamorous...however I like to add that you won't see me in the typical red bottom shoes with a bandage dress and a Chanel bag. You are fraternizing with a true fashionista. If travel isn't your wish, we can spend a romantic night in drinking wine, conversing over romantic literature, exchanging playful banter while our fingers roam into wanton parts.

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Wanting to explore the world in good company?

Who Doesn't? Let’s be vagrants struck with wanderlust! Having a passionate person to explore with always enhances your experience. Coming from immigrant parents, I naturally love chaotic street traffic, odd city smells, outdoor markets, and international cuisine. Possibly the reason why Manhattan seems so fitting for me to live! I am a lover of the outdoors. Touring ancient ruins, swimming in underwater caves, eating off the land! If you’re not one to go off the grid, I love to be lavishly pampered at a seven star resort in a remote location…what woman doesn’t?! Both are equally enjoyable and exciting to me! I relish these moments and cherish them!

Going for business and worried I’ll be left alone too much? No such thing with me. I can easily entertain myself and explore the land while you handle your business. Just let me know what your schedule and expectations are while you have business to tend you. If you need to be more discreet when traveling, I am certainly okay with separate accommodations. When you are away on business, you need to be at your best, and worry free.


melissa davis

After we meet, you may develop a prevalent want to fulfill your new fixation. It titillates me when a gentleman will express the adoration he has for me. If you're interested in an ongoing conspicuous romance, please don't hesitate to ask. It can be anything from a monthly or quarterly arrangement and beyond. If you're looking for exclusivity we can discuss that as well.

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“Fetish. In our modern society, there are so many fascinating fantasies and fetishes we wish to turn into reality but some of us may shy away from fulfilling this want if it appears to be outside the norm. I welcome you to share your deepest darkest desires with me. Don't be shy. There is no judgement. I've had others tell me that they were nervous to see providers because they thought she would laugh at their fetishes or similar scenarios. I consider myself to think outside the box. Pleasure to me can come from many different things. Let's explore together!”